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If you experience or witness something on campus that doesn't seem right, we want to know about it. Each concern is taken seriously because we take your safety seriously. File a report on:
Additional Reporting Options

General Concerns

As a public research university, it is imperative that we hold ourselves and each other to the highest legal and ethical standards. Whether that’s ensuring we’re compliant with federal and state regulations or acting with the utmost integrity, we aim to foster a culture of personal and social responsibility across all university functions and activities.

University Compliance, Ethics, and Risk

  • Oversees compliance with federal and state regulations, university policies, regulations and standards of conduct.
  • Offers advice, guidance and training on ethics, compliance, risk management and accountability.
  • Provides oversight and education on conflicts of interest and offers support and assistance with reporting.
  • Oversees compliance with the youth protection program and provides education and assistance with training and registration.
  • Manages the UCF IntegrityLine, investigates and responds to allegations of employee misconduct.

UCF Office of Institutional Equity

  • Investigates complaints of discrimination, discriminatory harassment and retaliation.
  • Disseminates information related to equal opportunity and civil rights laws.
  • Protects the civil rights of the UCF community through proactive outreach, education, and effective response and resolution.
Reach out to the Compliance, Ethics and Risk Connect with the Office of Institutional Equity

Academic Incident

Any violation of academic misconduct is taken seriously and thoroughly investigated. This helps ensure the integrity of the high academic standards we have set as a campus community.

The grade appeals process begins with consulting your instructor. From there, you can appeal to the chair of the department or director of the school that offers the course. In an instance where both of these steps have been exhausted, you may choose to file a report.

While academic incidents take many forms, they often involve:

  • Possessing an exam or course-related materials without permission
  • Plagiarizing or fabricating information
  • Lowering of grades due to discrimination
Learn about the grade appeal process

Student Life & Conduct

If someone’s words or actions caused you harm — whether physically or mentally — we’re here to support you and take the necessary steps in preventing this from occurring in the future. We’re committed to fostering a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for all and will not tolerate harmful behavior.

Reach out about student, campus group or organization incidents including, but not limited to:

  • Hazing (endangering, pressuring or demeaning students)
  • Obscene or indecent behavior
  • Alcoholic beverages or controlled substance violation
  • Disruptive conduct
Learn about hazing and hazing prevention Reach out about student misconduct Find help for sexual harassment & assault

Health & Safety

During your time at UCF, you or someone you know may experience challenges with academics, finances or personal well-being matters. We have many services available that provide you with the guidance, resources and referrals you need to move forward.

  • Academic distress
  • Homelessness
  • Mental health concerns
  • Financial challenges

If you’re experiencing an emergency, please call 911. You may also contact the UCF Police Department for help if you’re on campus or at some university-affiliated housing.

Contact the UCF Police Department Get assistance from Student Care Services Learn more about bias and hate incidents Speak with a counselor
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